meerecompany's participation in Korean Society of Medical Robotics' Conference to share Revo-i current business information and vision



- Presentation of export cases, etc. under the title of "The Journey of Korean Laparoscopic Surgical Robot, Revo-i"

- Kang Hyon Song of the Korea Cancer Center Hospital's sharing of clinical experience, drawing attraction by medical professionals

<Photo 1. Ho Kun Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Surgical Robot Division of meerecompany>

On the 28th, meerecompany (CEO Joon Koo Kim) said that it participated in Korean Society of Medical Robotics' 13th Conference held from the 25th to the 26th in Commodore Hotel, Busan, and provided a presentation on the business strategy, vision, and current domestic and overseas installation information of Revo-i, a surgical robot.


The Conference organized by Korean Society of Medical Robotics, held for the 13th time this year, is a stage where domestic and foreign medical robot researchers and medical professionals, as well as industrial stakeholders, gather to share up-to-date research trends, results, and clinical experience.

On this day, Ho Kun Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Surgical Robot Division of meerecompany provided a presentation titled "The Journey of Korean Laparoscopic Surgical Robot, Revo-i." Executive Vice President Lee described the development process and current business information for Revo-i. In particular, he discussed the high development potential of Revo-i by referencing recent successful export cases, drawing a great positive response from the audience.


“The biggest goal of meerecompany is to offer a reasonable Revo-i introduction cost to hospitals for a reduced cost burden, ultimately contributing to the universalization of robotic surgery, which is an advanced medical service," said Executive Vice President Lee. "Our product is recognized for its excellence and economic feasibility domestically as well as overseas. And so, it's being more widely introduced and is also expected to be more rapidly exported in the future," he confidently added.


Additionally, Doctor Kang Hyon Song (urologist), the Director of the Robotic Surgery Center in the Korea Cancer Center Hospital gave a presentation in his clinical experience, drawing attention from the audience. The Korea Cancer Center Hospital opened and has been well running a specialized robotic surgery center since introduction of Revo-i, where Revo-i is applied to various cancer operations, including urology, surgery, ENT and OBGYN.


Doctor Song emphasized the role of a robotic surgery specialized center in his presentation titled "Initial Experience of Revo-i in Uro-Oncology Surgery." He spoke about the Revo-i introduction results and surgery cases in the Korea Cancer Center Hospital.


Revo-i by meerecompany, the first domestically developed and commercialized surgical robot, features a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image, wide view, and multi-joint devices to support fine motions, expanding its stage of application to high-difficulty surgeries such as prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy.


Starting from its participation in the Korean Society of Medical Robotics' Conference, meerecompany is planning to strengthen its network with domestic and foreign researchers by enacting more engagement with more relevant societies and conferences. 

<Photo 2. A scene of the Korean Society of Medical Robotics' Conference>

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