From the beginning of our journey to develop surgical robots,
we strived to make our goal a safe and affordable surgical robotic system
utilizing the latest technologies and providing better care to more
patients anywhere in the world.


Clear 3DHD Vision with easy handling
revo 3DHD camera delivers bright, sharp, clear 3DHD vision for greater depth perception, offering the visual accuracy and precise spatial orientation helping the surgeon easily identify critical anatomy and improve the quality of surgery in various surgical environments. Surgical teams preparing for robotic surgery will find it much easier to use the autoclavable camera head and endoscope.
Dexterous Instruments with familiarity
Fully wristed revo instruments enhance the surgeon’s dexterity and precision in robotic surgery. To help robotic surgeons fully utilize their experience of open and laparoscopic surgery we designed and named revo instruments like conventional surgical instruments.
Seamless Control with safety
The revo control console seamlessly transfers a surgeon’s precise hand movement to the robotic arms making it easier for the surgeon to operate a surgical robotic system. In addition to seamless system control, the revo control console also provides various signals such as arm collision warning that supports surgeon to perform a smooth and safe operation.
revo sim
In developing revo sim, we have partnered with a leader in the field to create a state of the art virtual reality training system.
Through simulations, novice robotic surgeons can improve their psychomotor skills and instrument handling and gain confidence required to perform robotic surgery.