About Us

About Us

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meerecompany is a global company that focuses on innovation and aims to maximize the happiness of its customers, employees and shareholders. Since 1984, we have been responding to the rapidly changing technological environment and conducting research to usher in the innovations of the future.

About the CEO

ceo ceo

The journey of Revo-i began with a strong belief in the importance of “saving lives”. We have overcome all difficulties throughout a development process that spanned over a decade under the slogan, “Better care for more patients” and have been able to secure our own competitiveness based on our dedication to R&D as well as our technological cooperation with world-class companies based in and outside of Korea. meerecompany aims to lead the surgical robotics industry and will continue to develop systems that will serve even more patients.

CEO Jay Joonkoo Kim

Business Area

  • surgical robotic system

    Our successful commercialization of our surgical robot will serve as the foundation for advanced medical technological innovation.

    • Robotics
    • Intuitive Control
    • Informative Imaging
    • Advanced Devices
    • Virtual Training
  • sensor

    We are investing in developing sensor-based technologies that can be applied across various industries.

    • Consumer Electronics
    • Surveillance
    • Retail Intelligence
    • Automotive
    • Robotics
    • Medical
    • AR/VR
    • 3D Scanning & Mapping
  • industrial equipment

    We are the only company in the industry to integrate processing, inspection, and laser technologies to satisfy the various needs of our customers.

    • Display
    • Semiconductors
    • LED
    • Automotive
    • Chemical
    • Optics