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Revo-i R&D Center

Research and development for the Revo-i surgical robotics technology is one of the main cornerstones of our service and will continue to grow. Based on over a decade of research with a passion to provide better quality medical devices that reach more patients, we successfully developed the first Korean laparoscopic surgery robot, Revo-i. We continuously invest in R&D and improve the robotic device through innovations in the software, hardware, and instruments to usher in the next generation of surgical robots.

  • The first Korean
    laparoscopic surgical robotic system

  • Ratio of surgical robotics
    R&D professionals

  • Designated an "Innovative Medical Device"
    for the first time in the field of high-tech

  • Surgical robotics patents
    domestically and overseas


We want to hear
your voice and opinions

We created our Open R&D platform because we highly value cooperation with you and your surgical robotics team. We believe that developing a user-centric surgical robot will enable hospitals to deliver the best service and treatment to their patients. We believe that our key to further innovation lies in your opinions and feedback, and will deliver the latest in surgical techniques for your benefit based on your thoughts and insights.

  • system

    Any Revo-i user can take part in the R&D and product improvement process.
    Your feedback is the greatest motivation for future product improvements.
    We will continue to develop the Revo-i technology to better fit your particular environment.

  • developing
    new instruments

    With inspiration from your innovative ideas, we plan to expand our instrument portfolio and bring greater access to the surgical field. Our free-wrist instruments and other groundbreaking technology will continue to make your surgeries even more efficient.

  • service

    We actively evaluate and reflect on any inconveniences you may experience to actively provide a better service for you.
    Your genuine comments about using our system will allow us to understand and analyze your experience to use for increased practicality and further optimization.

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