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About Revo-i

Revolutionary in minimally
invasive surgery, Revo-i

Revo-i was developed to maximize the advantages of surgical robotic devices based out of our desire to take better care of patients.
Since 2007, we have continuously strived to reflect the voices and opinions of medical professionals, while also taking into consideration the difficulties of managing a hospital with dynamic surgical environments.
Our goal is to become a leader and innovator in the field of minimally invasive surgery.
We will always try to provide better care and expand the applications of surgical robotics.


Introducing Revo-i

Meet the Revo-i surgical robotics system

  • revo-i revo-i
    master console
  • revo-i revo-i
    operation cart
  • revo-i revo-i
    vision cart
  • master console

    The master console is the Revo-i surgical robotics system’s control center.
    A surgeon can issue commands to the master console located outside of the sterilized area by controlling the instrument with 3DHD vision during the surgery.

    master console master console
    • 3D Viewer

      3D Viewer

      Tissues, nerves, and blood vessels can be magnified in 3D to suit your needs

    • Ergonomic Settings

      Ergonomic Settings

      The comfortable seat and adjustable console headrest, armrest, and foot pedal fit perfectly to your posture.

    • Touch Pad

      Touch Pad

      Surgeons can identify the status on their instruments and endoscope camera angle while adjusting the settings to modify the display, sound, etc. of the master console.

    • Control Arm

      Control Arm

      The control arm lets you control the end effector of the instruments and endoscope camera with multi-jointed movement.

    • Foot Pedal

      Foot Pedal

      Seven separate foot pedals allow you to control the position of the instruments and provide electrosurgical energy to the end effector

      • Controlling the endoscope camera
      • Repositioning control arm
      • Switching between activated instruments
      • Controlling electrosurgical energy
  • operation cart

    The Operation Cart assists surgeons in performing surgeries with the use of Revo-i free-wrist instruments and a 3D endoscope camera while minimizing tremors and micro-movements.

    master console master console
    • Camera Arm

      Camera Arm

      A 3D endoscope mounted on a camera arm can be manipulated by surgeons while zooming in and out.

    • RCM(Remote Center of Motion)

      RCM(Remote Center of Motion)

      The Revo-i system has a remote center which remains at a fixed point where the patient's trocars are inserted to the abdominal wall in order to minimize pressure. Our Revo-i RCM technology reduces pain from incisions and shortens recovery time.

    • Instrument Arm

      Instrument Arm

      When a surgeon operates the control arm of the master console, each of the three instrument arms can be controlled with high precision. The OR staff can also insert the reusable instruments by pressing the clutch button on the instrument arms.

    • Mobile Base Handle

      Mobile Base Handle

      The operation cart can easily be moved using its mobile base handle. You can readily check its operable state, direction, battery, and whether the base is locked in position.

  • vision cart

    The vision cart enables you to clearly visualize the overall process of the surgery. Our Revo-i image processing system delivers surgical images for surgeons and OR staff to help them communicate better.

    vision cart vision cart
    • Integrated Touchscreen Monitor

      Integrated Touchscreen Monitor

      • Enables real-time screen sharing of the surgical table to the OR staff
      • Features a large 27-inch high-definition touchscreen monitor
      • The multi-joint monitor arm helps staff easily move the monitor in the desired position
    • Telestration


      • Streamlined interface for team
      • Improved communication
      • Clinical view monitoring
    • Storz CCU

      Storz CCU

      • Installed with a globally validated German STORZ’s 3D endoscope
      • Compact endoscope and light-source with a camera control unit to manage surgical area with improved vision and safety

Revo-i Free-wrist

Revo-i instruments have a multi-joint structure with 7 degrees of freedom, which enables them to move similarly to a human wrist. This is extremely helpful in managing the surgical area during a surgical procedure. All the most useful and frequently used instrument types in minimally invasive surgery can be fit to the robotic device, including: offering forceps, needle holders, clip appliers and energy instruments that can be both monopolar or bipolar.

Monopolar Hook Cautery Monopolar Hook Cautery

Hook Cautery

Monopolar Curved Scissors Monopolar Curved Scissors

Curved Scissors

Monopolar Sharp Dissector Monopolar Sharp Dissector

Sharp Dissector

Bipolar Maryland Forceps Bipolar Maryland Forceps

Maryland Forceps

Bipolar Fenestrated Forceps Bipolar Fenestrated Forceps

Fenestrated Forceps

Atraumatic Fenestrated Forceps Atraumatic Fenestrated Forceps

Atraumatic Fenestrated

Strong Fenestrated Forceps Strong Fenestrated Forceps

Strong Fenestrated

Babcock Forceps Babcock Forceps


Tenaculum Forceps Tenaculum Forceps


Needle Holder Needle Holder


Large Needle Holder Large Needle Holder

Large Needle

Medium Clip Applier Medium Clip Applier

Medium Clip

Large Clip Applier Large Clip Applier

Large Clip

revo SONICNew

“Making Surgery More Efficient with an Ultrasonic Scalpel”

Revo SONIC uses ultrasound vibrations to cut through tissue while stopping bleeding at the same time (simultaneous sealing and cutting). Similar to laparoscopic surgery, surgeons are able to perform safer procedures and minimize tissue damage or trauma using the advanced technological tools of robotic surgery.

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