Revo-i for OR staff

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Shaping team synergy

It is important to communicate effectively with your OR staff to increase the effectiveness of robotic surgeries. We believe that our training will provide you with the greatest benefit of being able to work closely with your team and ensure the best outcome during surgery.

  • Custom training for your
    Revo-i team

    To form the best team to perform Revo-i surgeries at your hospital, we offer custom training courses for each OR staff member and coordinator. Our main training programs consist of on and offline tutorials that enable you to continually learn about the Revo-i system that also incorporate hands-on simulations. For your convenience, our expert robotic training team will visit you to help you fully understand your Revo-i system.

  • Get support
    any time

    We will provide you with the latest software update information and Revo-i technology for consistent surgical optimization. Ongoing guidance from our dedicated support team is available around the clock and we are on standby for you in case you need emergency assistance. We will ensure that you use the Revo-i system in a safer surgical environment based on the support of our service professionals.

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