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Customer satisfaction is one of our key values

We quickly respond to your needs and deliver a high-quality service through our professional technical support team. Our service is making a difference in the field of robotics by delivering the safety, quality, and reliability of your Revo-i surgical system.

  • speedy

    Our dedicated technical support team is able to respond 24/7 so that you have support even in the event of unforeseeable emergencies.

  • supportive

    We guide and assist you in delivering surgical care to your patients while using the Revo-i system safely. We strive to maintain the utmost quality of the device and routinely perform preventative maintenance.

  • specialized

    According to our maintenance policy, we support your surgeons and make sure they are able to complete their procedures by quickly resolving any system inquiry. Onsite monitoring and inspections ensure smoother performance for your surgical team.

accurate diagnostics
to optimize
surgeries using Revo-i

Our systematic service response system allows for immediate response to any inquiry with active monitoring to prevent problems. Our professional technical support team will work closely with you to maximize your Revo-i surgeries and minimize unplanned service events.

revo service revo service

Delivering the highest quality service and care in a timely manner

Our responsive technical support team will help you to better serve your patients.
We will reach out to you and your surgical team based on the regional response and inspection service listed below.
You will be able to receive consultation from anywhere and at any time from our technical support team via telephone.

  • Response system
    for inquiry occurrences

      • Initial response within 24 hours
      • Cause analysis and solution delivery within 72 hours

        * If necessary, on-site support will be provided

  • Regular inspection

      • Inspection 4 times a year

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