Revo-i for Surgeons

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Maximize your surgical confidence
with Revo-i

The Revo-i surgical robotic system provides you with increased precision, adaptability, and control to perform different types of procedures. Our surgical robotic device will help to expand your experience in performing minimally invasive surgery for patients with a clear surgical view, flexible hand gestures, and quick recovery.

Putting Surgeons in Control

We designed our system to support surgeons who conduct minimally invasive surgeries by leveraging the benefits of surgical robotics.

  • Ergonomic Design

    • Increased Comfort for Reduced Fatigue

      More efficient and comfortable ergonomic settings can be applied by customizing your preferred posture and orientation set-up. According to your body type, the angle of the headrest, armrest, depth of the view, and foot pedal can be adjusted to improve your focus for longer periods of time.

    • Free-wrist Instruments

      Our multi-joint instruments with the seven degrees of freedom easily replicate your wrist movements and will allow you to operate with detailed precision during dissections, suturing, sealing, as well as retracting even in narrow surgical areas.

  • 3DHD Visualization

    • Clear 3DHD Vision

      Enhanced precision and safety are enabled with the Revo-i 3DHD display, which provides you with clear, three-dimensional sight.

    • Highly Magnified Vision

      Going beyond the capability of the naked eye, surgeons can navigate the surgical field of view through the Revo-i technology. Experience performing sophisticated surgeries with a magnified control of vision.

  • Seamless Control with Increased Safety

    • Smooth Control

      The Revo-i enables you to control the endoscope and Revo-i instruments naturally and comfortably. With full control, you can visualize a patient’s anatomy with increased depth perception.

    • Warning Signals

      The Revo-i safety functions are designed to let you know of possible dangers and prevent issues in advance.

Customized training
advance your

We deeply care about your ability to perform safe surgeries. To help you better familiarize yourself and stay updated on surgical robotics, we provide exclusive customized training courses for surgeons via online videos and on-site exercises. On and offline training is offered to surgeons, who can also simulate the virtual procedure with the Revo-sim simulator. In addition, for those looking for more advanced learning, you can customize your curriculum to work on what you want to improve, sharing techniques, doing case observation, anatomy review, proctorship and seminars.

Welcoming your ideas with Open R&D

We believe in maintaining long-term partnerships with surgeons to create an even higher quality surgical robotic device. Pursuing an Open R&D platform enables us to develop new historical instruments by reflecting the opinions of surgeons themselves. Make your own impact on the field of surgical robotics by offering your own authentic ideas while performing Revo-i robotic surgeries. We look forward to your innovative ideas that will help improve the Revo-i surgical robotics technology.

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