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Working together for better care
that will reach more patients at your hospital

We believe in a world where patients quickly recover from pain and are able to safely return to their daily lives thanks to the benefits of using a surgical robotic device. The Revo-i surgical robotic system allows you to perform minimally invasive surgery robotically in an affordable way that also helps your patients.

A new technology
to help more patients

More patients than ever will be able to enjoy better medical care using the latest technology through the integration of our surgical robotic device. Leveraging the innovative technology of surgical robotics will benefit and attract more patients to your hospital. Integrating cutting-edge technology like this will create a lasting positive impression and build a strong reputation around your institution.

  • Responsive service
    to help you operate safely

    In an emergency, immediate support from Revo-i technical experts will be provided to resolve any issues that you might encounter. You will be able to receive consultation from anywhere and at any time from our technical support team via telephone. Regular inspections will also be scheduled 4 times a year with constant service training to ensure safe and efficient operation. Please inquire more about our service policy for your specific location.

  • Knowledge sharing
    for improved care

    Participate in on and offline communication sessions to keep up-to-date with rapidly changing trends and share know-how about robotic surgeries with surgeons from across the world. We promote offline communications via special events including cadaver labs and animal labs in pursuit of establishing greater insight for surgical robots and Revo-i.

Hear real stories from Revo-i surgeons

Check out interviews from other hospital on how Revo-i
helped revolutionize their institution.

ibbeum hospital

“Although surgical robot is considered as an expensive high-end device, it delivers a better prognosis post-surgery on average. Less than 1 cm of small myoma on surgical areas sometimes can be missed due to the fact that it can be unseen from human eyes during the surgery. However, I would like to remove even those tiny myoma as a surgeon, so the resolution of vision was very important to me when adopting the surgical robot.”

Queen’s Park Women's Hospital

ibbeum hospital

“In terms of support, there's a big difference. We shared our ideas about the new instruments which didn’t exist before at the market. Later on, Revo-i R&D center made it available by production. The experience of open R&D platform has been great for us and it led to no major issues during the robotic surgery. Even minor sudden-occurrence were immediately taken care of by the dedicated support team. Up to date, Revo-i robotic surgery is remarkable without any single case of surgical complications.”

Gibbeum Hospital

ibbeum hospital

“We hope to expand the number of robotic surgeries on human clinical cases as our many surgeons leap to the goal of training. In addition to the surgery, as Korean cancer center hospital, we expect to closely cooperate with meerecompany for the R&D part.”

Korea Cancer Center Hospital

We aim to establish an affordable price to reduce the financial burden of integrating an effective system like ours.

Various processes are involved when a hospital wants to initiate a new robotics surgery practice. We strive to understand your particular difficulties and deliver a win-win solution that will increase the productivity of your OR and ensure a smooth operational workflow.

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