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Expand your
skills in using robotics

We will assist you every step of the way in understanding the Revo-i robotic system in a way that is simple and will help you adapt to using surgical robots in a short period of time. The surgical robot training period is customized to work for your particular skill level. One-on-one and group training will allow you to increase your confidence in performing surgeries with the Revo-i.


The Revo-i surgical robot training courses consist of two levels: basic and advanced.
Our systematic approach focuses on training each level using a simple and time-saving method
for new users and those already familiar with robotics.

  • basic level

    delivers core robotic skills on how to use Revo-i technology. Helps you become accustomed to the overall system with an introduction to the Revo-i, hands-on programs, and training models.

  • advanced level

    expands your surgical robotics skills using specific clinical techniques that are peer-led.

Revo Training Pathway

We provide holistic training from beginner to advanced
levels for surgeons and OR staff.

  • Basic level

    Online Training

    Basic use of the Revo-i surgical robotic device and overview of surgical flow through online courses

  • Robotics Skills

    Hands-on exercises through dry labs and the Revo-Sim simulator

  • Procedure Skills

    Practice procedures suited for animal labs and the Revo-i surgical robot

  • Robotic System Assessment

    Evaluations on online training courses and hands-on exercise activities

  • Advanced level

    Peer-led Procedure Training

    Cadaver lab, case observation, proctorship and seminars are optionally provided

Efficient On/Offline Training

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we ensure that the training courses on both our online and offline platforms are as efficient as possible. Our online training is designed to help you learn everything you need to know to operate Revo-i, including the system configuration, systematic knowledge of the technology, user-interface, maintenance guide, and etc. Our dedicated training team also provides in-person training to meet the needs of your surgical team so that your first target procedures will be delivered within your projected time period.

Revo-Sim VR
Training Simulator

Revo-sim provides virtual training via a simulation of your Revo-i system. Revo-sim can be easily connected to the master console to support surgeons in advancing their robotic skills. The majority of hands-on skills can be conveniently practiced and our guided procedures will help you learn even more with responsive anatomical graphics.

  • Basic Mode

    Train to handle each skill needed to manipulate the instruments, camera, and etc.

  • Suturing & Anastomosis Mode

    Dive deep into learning about suturing and anastomosis with a diverse laparoscopic suturing practice

  • Advanced Procedure Mode

    Improve for specific procedures through clinical VR exercises including hysterectomies, nephrectomies, cholecystectomies, and etc.

Training Plan

Our experienced training team provides user-focused, custom plans to help hospitals and surgical teams to increase their utilization of the Revo-i surgical robotic system. We work closely with you and your team to provide selectively designed learning courses tailored to each user’s needs.

No. Theme Surgeon Staff
1 System Overview 체크 체크
2 System Connection & Power ON 체크 체크
3 Endoscope Preparation 체크 체크
4 Camera Function 체크 체크
5 Draping 체크
15 Master Console Setting 체크


Our expert Revo-i trainers have an in-depth knowledge of Revo-i and will collaborate with you to provide you any guidance you need to operate the system. We ensure that you are fully educated to manage the Revo-i system before performing a robotic surgery. Our professional team will continue to communicate with your surgical team from the beginning of the initial implementation to your first case.

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