Why Revo-i

Our Story

“Not just a simple surgical device.
We deliver an entire robotic
surgery program.”

Revo-i is designed for a vision of the world in which more patients are able to enjoy the advanced technology of surgical robotics at a reasonable price. Due to the high cost for integrating surgical robotics at hospitals, both hospitals and patients are financially burdened by robotic surgeries.

Our focus is to reduce this burden by making an affordable surgical robotic device and delivering a reliable product with high-level service from our professional care team. We strive to offer an excellent program that synergizes with hospitals, surgeons, patients and corporations.

A Reliable Product

Revo-i is a surgical robotic system developed in Korea and is dedicated to revolutionizing the experience of surgeons everywhere with a focus on the core fundamentals. It was also the first medical robotic technology to be designated as an "Innovative Medical Device" by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. The Revo-i Surgical Robotics Research Institute has been making continuous efforts to provide safer and higher quality medical services. Moreover, through programs like our Open R&D, we are able to improve the quality of surgical robots and develop new instruments by incorporating the insights of medical professionals.

  • The first Korean laparoscopic
    surgical robot

  • Ratio of surgical robot
    R&D professionals

  • Surgical robot patents
    domestically and overseas



We carefully consider the economic feasibility of a service like this for your hospital, checking for ways to reduce not only the product price, but also the operation costs.

Revo-i provides a cost-effective model to lower the costs related to instruments and maintenance. Revo-i makes it a priority not only to better serve patients with our technology, but also to help you manage your hospital in a financially sustainable way.

conventional surgical robots
  • Reduced costs per procedure
  • Flexible pricing options for optimal financial management to suit your hospital.


We ensure end to end care service. To do this, we have a team of responsible, responsive professionals that will help you better manage your operating rooms more efficiently. We put a high focus on the value that our services provide you and your opinions about our products. To enhance patient care, we will assist you throughout your custom training program for the Revo-i surgical robot system. We will always try our best to respond to your specific needs in your busy operating environment.

revo-care revo-care

Our History

  • 2007-2013

    Developed the 1st ~ 4th prototype versions

  • 2014

    Started using the name "Revo",

    Developed the 5th prototype version

  • 2015

    Passed EMC test,

    Completed Pre-Clinical Trials

  • 2016

    Began Clinical Trials

  • 2017

    Completed Clinical Trials,

    Acquired approval for manufacture

  • 2018

    Launched ‘Revo-i,’

    First installation at a general surgical hospital

  • 2019

    Installation at a training center at a top tertiary hospital

  • 2020

    Installation at a gynecological specialized hospital

  • 2021

    Designated an "Innovative Medical Device" by MFDS,

    Installation at a leading general hospital

  • 2022

    The first export,

    The first surgical robot in Uzbekistan

  • 2023

    Installation at a tertiary hospital with the world's highest record of 30,000 robotic surgeries