Great accessibility of "Revo-i" in terms of price and maintenance



Great accessibility of "Revo-i" in terms of price and maintenance

by Sang Chul Lee | Report entered on 14 June. 2022 [11:08 a.m.]

Jin Woo Lee, department head at Gibbeum Hospital, presented his robotic surgery results at the 2022 Korean Association of Robotic Surgeons Symposium

【Whosaeng Shinbo】 In the 2022 Korean Association of Robotic Surgeons Symposium, "Revo-i," developed with purely domestic technology by meerecompany, was found to have adequate competitiveness in the market. It demonstrates great surgery results and prognosis in actual patients, and its great accessibility in terms of price and maintenance.

The Korean Association of Robotic Surgeons' 2022 Fall Symposium was held from 13th to 14th in the Expo Hall and Conference Hall of Yeosu Expo Convention Center. In this symposium, Jin Woo Lee, department head at Gibbeum Hospital, drew attention with a presentation on his "experience in cholecystotomy using Revo-i."

"I started cholecystotomy using Revo-i for the first time in the country in 2019," said Lee.

“At first, I wasn't used to Revo-i from meerecompany, but now I'm quite skilled with it. I have performed about 140 surgeries using Revo-i to date. The time taken on surgery is 50 minutes on average. What's most important here is there have been no cases in which the surgery was turned into open surgery," he added.

Lee also said, “When I perform cholecystotomy with Revo-i, in addition to the robot arm range of motion of Revo-i, I also use a long instrument to select a trocar application site. This was developed using the open R&D provided by the company.”

“Revo-i shows no difference in the used motion or surgery environment compared to competitors. However, I can't certainly determine this solely based on cholecystotomy because Revo-i is specifically designed for surgery using a multiport,” Lee added.

Specifically, he emphasized that "I was impressed by that soon after the introduction of the device when I had difficulty in getting used to it, meerecompany provided a rapid response and solution. Also, I haven't experienced any problem with the device. Additionally, it has great accessibility in terms of the price and maintenance."

Meanwhile, Ho Geun Yoon, head of the Surgery Department at VHS Medical Center, also expected that Revo-i by meerecompany would be sufficiently competitive because it has a lower price and maintenance fees while showing little difference in technology compared to traditional surgical robots. He shared these thoughts in his lecture named "Difficulty in adopting robotic surgery in community hospital)" presented in the symposium on the same day.

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