Revo-i participated in 2022 CIBEC WEEK, showing a high-difficulty ob/gin technique



Revo-i participated in 2022 CIBEC WEEK, showing a high-difficulty ob/gin technique

meerecompany (CEO: Joon Koo Kim) said it participated in "2022 CIBEC Week" held on the 25th by the Catholic International Bioskills Education Center and showcased the domestic laparoscopic surgery robot, "Revo-i," (hereafter referred to as Revo-i).


2022 CIBEC Week was planned as a program run from 10th to 25th June to share and exercise individual techniques for robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and laparotomy using a cadaver for urology, ob-gyn, colorectal surgery, hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery and thyroid, and endocrine surgery. This program is operated as a workshop for specialists, to provide experience in minimally invasive surgeries and expand the use of a surgical robot, with a representative faculty from each field giving direct instruction.


meerecompany participated in the OB/GYN Fresh Cadaver Workshop (Korea Research Foundation for Gynecologic Cancer cadaver workshop) and made a separate Revo-i robot station. Professor Geun Ho Lee from the Seoul St. Mary's Hospital led the session, demonstrating the performance and effect of Revo-i in robotic transperitoneal pelvic lymphadenectomy and robotic transperitoneal paraaortic lymphadenopathy.


The company staff said that it is meaningful in that such surgeries are known to be highly difficult, and Revo-i performs the surgeries alone.


"We are pleased to prove that Revo-i can be applied to high-difficulty surgeries and be introduced to the stage of technique sharing among specialists, thanks to this event," said Ho Kun Lee, Executive Director, Head of Surgical Robot Industry Division, meerecompany, adding that "the company will do the best to introduce Revo-i to more tertiary general hospitals and large hospitals so that doctors and patients can benefit from high-quality medical services with the surgical robot.


Revo-i, a laparoscopic surgery robot developed with unique domestic technology, as a successful example of domestic first commercialization, features great benefits of the clear view of an intraperitoneal surgery site with a 3D high-resolution stereoscopic image and the free movement using multi-joint instruments. Revo-i is continuously being used for multiple high-difficulty surgeries, including prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy.


Revo-i is also outstanding in foreign medical markets such as Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, and the Middle East as well as the domestic medical market, expanding its supply occupancy for active use of surgical robots.

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