meerecompany participates in the 2022 KOAMEX Innovative Medical Device Special Hall to showcase the Revo-i surgical robot experience program



meerecompany participates in the 2022 KOAMEX Innovative Medical Device Special Hall to showcase the Revo-i surgical robot experience program

meerecompany (CEO: Joon Koo Kim) will participate in the "2022 Korea International Advanced Medical Equipment & Medicine Expo (2022 KOAMEX)" that will be held from July 1st to 3rd in Exco, Daegu to showcase its own laparoscopic surgery robot, "Revo-i."


KOAMEX, known as the largest medical device and medicine expo within the area south of Han River, is an international expo organized by Daegu Metropolitan City for the medical industry. In this medical industry expo, which will be held offline for the first time in a non-capital area after the outbreak of COVID-19, around 300 booths for nearly 70 companies and institutions will be exhibited.


meerecompany will have an offline booth placed in the "Innovative Medical Device Special Hall" organized by the 2022 KOAMEX Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and National Institute of Medical Device Safety Information. At their booth, the company will operate a program where medical professionals can personally experience the surgical robot Revo-i. Any medical professional interested in Revo-i can participate in this experience. They would need to file their application beforehand so that the demonstration can be performed at the applicant's desired time frame (see the link below). "We prepared a one-stop program that includes an introduction of our business divisions, product demonstration, and on-site sales consultation," explained a member of the meerecompany.


The Revo-i surgical robot, developed with purely domestic technology, was recognized for its excellence since it was designated as the first product in the Advanced Technology Class for Military Medical Robot Technology in the category of Innovative Medical Devices by the MFDS. An innovative medical device refers to a medical device that improves or is expected to improve the safety and efficacy of a traditional medical device or therapy by applying advanced medical technology.


This robot also features a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image, wide view, and multi-joint equipments to support the detailed motion, expanding its stage of application to high-difficulty surgeries such as prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy.


meerecompany expects to discover new sales routes while participating and meeting various stakeholders, including hospital purchase teams, distributors, and foreign buyers, in 2022 KOAMEX. It is planning to raise its brand awareness by actively introducing the benefits of the surgical robot, such as the effectiveness of the surgical robot compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery and user-focused ergonomic design.


“The goal of meerecompany's Surgical Robot Industry Division is to improve the quality of life for more patients with our Revo-i surgical robot technology," said Ho Kun Lee, executive director and head of the Surgical Robot Industry Division. "We're expecting a lot from this event because this is the first offline expo that we're participating in this year. It's been hard so far to hold meetings with medical professionals in other areas due to COVID-19. For KOAMEX, I hope many customers will personally experience our surgical robot Revo-i and that we attract greater interest.”

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