meerecompany's Surgical Robot Revo-i Enters the Global Market



First successful export to Uzbekistan... Bridgehead for Central Asian Market

CEO Joon Koo Kim said, "It is very significant that we are now able to provide excellent robot technology to overseas medical staff."

The domestic laparoscopic surgery robot "Revo-i" developed by meerecompany with its proprietary technology will enter the global market.

meerecompany (CEO Joon Koo Kim) announced that its self-developed laparoscopic surgical robot "Revo-i" was successfully exported to Uzbekistan.

With this export, meerecompany will supply "Revo-i" to Shox International Hospital in Uzbekistan, which will establish a bridgehead for business expansion in Central Asia.

Shox International Hospital is the largest private hospital in Uzbekistan and is operated to provide high-quality medical services not only to Uzbekistan's citizens but also to neighboring CIS countries (including independent countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, and Belarus).

Especially, Shox International Hospital operates four branches (Med Center, Shox Health Family, Shox Namagan, and Shox Andijan) in addition to the main hospital, providing various medical services with more than 200 medical staff.

In addition, it is known as the best surgical hospital in Uzbekistan, where the cumulative number of surgeries is more than 100,000, so the implementation of Revo-i is definitely meaningful.

"There have been demands from patients for robotic surgery, but there have been difficulties because there are no companies that supply surgical robots," a hospital official explained. "However, the introduction of Revo-i in Uzbekistan is expected to enable sophisticated surgery using the advantages of robotic surgery, and it will contribute to patient satisfaction as well as provide safe medical services."

meerecompany signed an exclusive supply contract with Endo-Systems in May and introduced Revo-i to Uzbekistan as its first export through the agency.

In particular, since "Revo-i" will be installed as the first surgical robot in Uzbekistan, it is expected that benefits from the high-quality surgical robot will be provided to patients in the country. It is also expected to greatly contribute to cooperation and exchange between Korea and Uzbekistan since the company plans to provide technical training with Korean medical staff.

Regarding the export, CEO Joon Koo Kim said, "Revo-i's first export to Uzbekistan is very encouraging. Through this export, we increase the possibility of entering the market in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, and further spread Korea's excellent robot technology to medical staff."

He also added, "We hope this serves as an opportunity to promote robotic surgery and K-medical technology."

Meanwhile, Revo-i is the first laparoscopic surgical robot developed and commercialized in Korea. This robot also features a high-resolution 3D stereoscopic image, wide view, and multi-joint devices to support fine and delicate motions, expanding its stage of application to high-difficulty surgeries such as prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, and thyroidectomy.

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